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Travel Destination in Abu Dhabi

The up and coming cousin of Dubai, Abu Dhabi is that glittering chip of the old block. Created from the same soil, this metropolitan too has got riches beyond your wildest dreams. Though still in its infancy, this city has a long way to go. But even in these initial stages, it is showing a lot of potential thus making us all hope for a future where a new impossible dream will be successfully accomplished. For now, just board the air tickets to Abu Dhabi from UK and witness such incredibly fascinating sights that you stop believing even the things you are watching with your very own eyes.

Luxury and development can easily be the cornerstones of this highly sophisticated city. Endorsing the latest fad in every single sector, you will find only the latest and the best of the lot on your trip here. Legendary nightlife, sky-high malls and bigger-better restaurents are an integral part of the Central Business District (CBD). Tickets to Abu Dhabi give you that exceptional insight into the present day lifestyle of the metropolis where you need to work hard because you know later on you are always going to party way harder.

There is a totally different version of this city once you come out of the young-money bubble. On the outskirts of this life-size snow-globe you will find how this town used to be during the older times and how for all those people still residing here, the time has hardly passed. Cheap flights to Abu Dhabi will take you right into the classic era when most of the sparkle was seen in the cultures and traditions. Heritage Village is one such memento of the past that demonstrated the older ways of life and how they still perfectly fit in the present times.

Among the many architectural feats of the golden era, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a well-known name. The religious and historic significance of this shrine is immense. The famous Al Jahili Fort of Al Ain city gets large number of tourists all thanks to its rustic charm. The mysterious desert might seem bland at first but the desert safari, quad bike adventure and camel rides across places like Empty Quarter desert are enough to change your entire perception during your journey. Top it all up with a lesson or two in the regal art of falconry and fancy yourself a desert prince or princess whose pet falcon just came back with mail.