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The dazzling Dolphins of the Middle East

There are cities and then there are urban dreams. Thankfully, Dubai is of the later kind. Not very often in your life will you come across masterpieces like this one right here and when you luckily do, make sure you drink it in to the very last drop. It is still a mystery whether the superlatives define this city or if it is the other way around. Whatever the answer to this paradox is, the one think we know for sure is that tickets to Dubai are godsend and you will be missing out on pretty much everything if you pass them on.

There is rarely anyone on this planet who doesn’t love the adorable creatures that dolphins are. Apart from being the smartest in their kingdom, they also come across as one of the friendliest mammals that traverse the length and breadth of the infinite ocean with a quick spin of their tail. Dubai government made a well-informed decision few years ago in the form of Dubai Dolphinarium. As the name suggests, it is home to the dwindling dolphin population and other marine animals. It is an indoor dolphinarium which is fully- AC such that the inhabiting creatures don’t break a sweat and feel totally at home while here. Cheap flights to Dubai give you another good reason not to miss out on this one of a kind of adventure.

This place houses seals and several other kinds of marine animals too in an endeavour to preserve the local biodiversity. Photo sessions and live shows are few of the means by which you can interact with the marine dwellers and let them know you are as excited to meet then as they are meeting you. This marine park serves the dual purpose of providing both entertainment as well as the education to visitors of all generation about the current state of marine life in the city as well as all over the globe and how we can help in changing it for the best. Flights to Dubai from UK often lead you to locations like these where you can learn or relax whenever you want.

The local authorities also believe that if the kids are introduced to these friendly underwater animals at a tender age then they are more likely to develop a protective approach towards them and the entire environment altogether. A 5-D cinema theatre and adjoining restaurant is where you can go to rejuvenate yourself after having too much fun at the complex.