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Memorable Holidays in Egypt

From the dawn of manhood, the Nile River has been attracting and captivating travelers from all over the world. Presently, Egypt, the heirs of ancient civilization for more than 5000 years, nestled at the crossroads of Mediterranean, Asian and African worlds, is a tempting blend of modern diversity and splendor of antiquity. Its civilization treasures are discussed by full charm at any time of the season, able to draw a smile on the face of tourists.

The advantages of Egypt Holidays are as seductive as diverse; the mild environment in winters and cool breeze in summers tempt people from different parts of the world. One can enjoy the sunny climate of Egypt throughout the year; magnificent sites to enjoy snorkeling, diving while paradisiacal beaches to explore the best beaches of aqua life, biblical mountains, the fertile Nile Valley and the romantic oasis of desert.

The diverse and deep spiritual heritage of Egypt holidays will leave your overwhelmed with the exotic sites. Copts and Egyptian Muslims, Pharaonic spiritual treasure including mosques, churches, funeral complexes, convents, temples and Egyptian lives will give your profound experience of travelling. Let’s see some of the best destinations to explore in Egypt:

1. Nile Valley: Ancient cradle of civilization

Imagine, relaxing on the deck of ship sailing calmly down the Nile, resting in a comfortable environment. The noon falls and luxurious services received by waiters on the desk will give your serene experience of comfort. The gentle breeze, sunset bathes, hills and sand dunes will immerse you in the magic of nature. Explore the water buffaloes, camel congregates along the shore of sea and enjoy golden color sky at the sunset.

2. The Mediterranean and Alexandria Coast: History, Sandy Beaches and Grandeur

The legendary Egyptian port of Alexandria has been a junction of civilization throughout of the culture of mankind. The evocative commemorative memorials of El Alamein make this site an unavoidable occasion for the history buff. For its portion, east of Alexandria, Nile Delta region, exuberant vegetation and overflows the sense with green plants. Ancient ruins such as Abu Menas and Tenis are some of the main highlights of Egypt. In the South region, Pharaonic architecture, Dashur Pyramid, El-Lisht, Saqqara Necropolis, Memphis, stone tombs of Beni Hassan and Middle Egypt.

3. From the beaches of the Mediterranean beaches

MersaMatruh of West of Alexandria, one can find beach coast walking for famous blue water. The wonderful colonnade of the El Karnal overwhelms the visitors. El Karnak was the central preserve of the god Amon for Egypt. Beyond the river, multiple valleys of the necropolis of Thebes attract millions of visitors every year. Features that make them spectacular are the gigantic size, spiritual devotion of temples of famous rulers like Queen Hatshepsut, Ramses I and II. Here, one can explore the glorious living style of ancient rulers and emperors of Egypt.