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Food Fiesta Of Delhi

Developing with the speed of light during both war and peace, Delhi is basking in its glory days in this century. It has come a long way since its initial period when it was just another big city in its humble infancy. Today when you look at this place, you see the entire country represented in one or the other from all over this glorious metropolitan. Cheap flights to Delhi will take you right into the European era, the Mughal times and the presently popular Punjabi culture that is spreading rampantly over the entire city.

People come here for many different reasons and yours can be as usual or as unusual as the rest of them. The first and foremost thing that you need to try the second you step out of your flights to Delhi is the local food. It is not just a mere concoction of several different flavours but an amazing fusion of the past, present and the future of this city and may be even the entire country. You see the natives often chose to express themselves via their culinary skills and the gastronomic palates they favour often reveal a lot about the social and economic setup of this place which you can have fun unveiling, bite after bite.

Often tagged as the unofficial food capital of the nation, one can find all sorts of cuisines here, both national and international all long its alleys, that has managed to woo the locals and the frequent visitors alike. Tickets to Delhi will give the authentic taste of the famous Mughlai cuisine which boasts of the grilled and luxuriously seasoned recipes. Then there is the contrasting street food which will be feather light on your pocket and if you have a strong digestive system, your stomach too! Jokes aside, the street food is worth a bite or more if you are looking for that tangy and spicy mix of flavours that this town is famous for worldwide.

It is not just the Indian cuisine that allures you along with your taste buds to its fragrant streets. You have all sorts of foreign cuisine deconstructed and then assimilated with the local palate to put forward such a dish that leaves the foodie within you wanting for more. Take the Hakka cuisine for example. This cooking style has garnered ton of fan following in the country because it merges the best of Chinese cuisine with the Indian cookery wisdom perfectly.