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Festive spirit at Tower Bridge

If you’re visiting the capital over the festive period and are wanting to find great London attractions for kids, look no further than Tower Bridge. As well as being one of the most iconic landmarks in the world with a fascinating history, it provides insightful London tours for all the family. Over the Christmas holidays, Tower Bridge is holding a string of festive events, as well as offering the Tower Bridge Exhibition, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you’re taking your kids for a day out while they’re off school for Christmas, this is one of the most exciting family attractions in London you’ll find.

As Tower Bridge is such an amazing historical landmark, there’s always something interesting to learn when you visit. For family attractions in London with an educational twist, there is a special day at Tower Bridge this Christmas that tells the story of the bells used on the bridge to help lift the huge bascules. Their London tours of the bridge are running as usual in the Tower Bridge Exhibition, but there will be the added fun of storytelling and making your own hand-crafted decorative bell to hand on your Christmas tree. This wonderful event will take place on Saturday 17th December and it will undoubtedly be one of the best London attractions for kids you’ll find this Christmas.

If you’re unavailable to attend this Christmas event, there are other family attractions in London to go to at Tower Bridge this December. On Wednesday 21st December, you can hear beautiful carols sung by local school pupils to get you in a warm, festive mood. There are 25 pupils from Ark Globe Academy who will be singing between 12.30 and 13.30, so make sure you plan to visit Tower Bridge around other family attractions in London and join them for a song. It is sure to get all the family even more excited for Christmas than they already are.

If you just want to enjoy some fantastic London tours this festive period, the Tower Bridge Exhibition will be open as usual. In the Exhibition, you will find yourself exploring the fascinating Victorian Engine Rooms, as well as learning about famous bridges of the world and soaking in breath-taking views of vast London landscapes in the glass floor walkways. If you’re looking for London attractions for kids to enjoy that are educational and exciting, Tower Bridge is the perfect place to visit.

There’s even the option to combine your Tower Bridge ticket with a ticket to Great Fire of London landmark The Monument this Christmas, meaning you’ll be able to visit two incredible family attractions in London for a fraction of the price you would usually pay. At The Monument, you’ll be able to climb the 311 steps to the viewing platform at the top and see some of the best views the City has to offer. Combine this with a festive, merry atmosphere and you’ll have one of the most exciting days out at some of the best London attractions for kids.

If you would like to find out more information about the London tours and other fun Christmas activities at Tower Bridge this month, take a look at the Tower Bridge website. There, you can read all about exciting upcoming events and book your tickets to the Tower Bridge Exhibition so you’re guaranteed a brilliant family day out in the City.

Memorable Holidays in Egypt

From the dawn of manhood, the Nile River has been attracting and captivating travelers from all over the world. Presently, Egypt, the heirs of ancient civilization for more than 5000 years, nestled at the crossroads of Mediterranean, Asian and African worlds, is a tempting blend of modern diversity and splendor of antiquity. Its civilization treasures are discussed by full charm at any time of the season, able to draw a smile on the face of tourists.

The advantages of Egypt Holidays are as seductive as diverse; the mild environment in winters and cool breeze in summers tempt people from different parts of the world. One can enjoy the sunny climate of Egypt throughout the year; magnificent sites to enjoy snorkeling, diving while paradisiacal beaches to explore the best beaches of aqua life, biblical mountains, the fertile Nile Valley and the romantic oasis of desert.

The diverse and deep spiritual heritage of Egypt holidays will leave your overwhelmed with the exotic sites. Copts and Egyptian Muslims, Pharaonic spiritual treasure including mosques, churches, funeral complexes, convents, temples and Egyptian lives will give your profound experience of travelling. Let’s see some of the best destinations to explore in Egypt:

1. Nile Valley: Ancient cradle of civilization

Imagine, relaxing on the deck of ship sailing calmly down the Nile, resting in a comfortable environment. The noon falls and luxurious services received by waiters on the desk will give your serene experience of comfort. The gentle breeze, sunset bathes, hills and sand dunes will immerse you in the magic of nature. Explore the water buffaloes, camel congregates along the shore of sea and enjoy golden color sky at the sunset.

2. The Mediterranean and Alexandria Coast: History, Sandy Beaches and Grandeur

The legendary Egyptian port of Alexandria has been a junction of civilization throughout of the culture of mankind. The evocative commemorative memorials of El Alamein make this site an unavoidable occasion for the history buff. For its portion, east of Alexandria, Nile Delta region, exuberant vegetation and overflows the sense with green plants. Ancient ruins such as Abu Menas and Tenis are some of the main highlights of Egypt. In the South region, Pharaonic architecture, Dashur Pyramid, El-Lisht, Saqqara Necropolis, Memphis, stone tombs of Beni Hassan and Middle Egypt.

3. From the beaches of the Mediterranean beaches

MersaMatruh of West of Alexandria, one can find beach coast walking for famous blue water. The wonderful colonnade of the El Karnal overwhelms the visitors. El Karnak was the central preserve of the god Amon for Egypt. Beyond the river, multiple valleys of the necropolis of Thebes attract millions of visitors every year. Features that make them spectacular are the gigantic size, spiritual devotion of temples of famous rulers like Queen Hatshepsut, Ramses I and II. Here, one can explore the glorious living style of ancient rulers and emperors of Egypt.

Best Resort for spending Holidays

A resort is basically a place that is suitable for spending holidays and that provides the facility of recreation in the lap of nature. A resort is a perfect getaway for weekends and you can find plenty if beautiful resorts near Mumbai where you can enjoy your time quite peacefully with your loved ones. A perfect resort is one that provides facilities like a hotel along with the ambience of a hill station and where you can also have swimming pool, spa as well as interesting games of adventures. Here are some facilities that you should look for when selecting a resort to spend your weekend or holiday –

Consider the location – Resorts are known to provide interesting facilities and help you enjoy in most satisfying manner. To make sure that the time spend in resort is memorable you should make sure that you chose a resort that is located on a prime location known for greenery and boasts of a suitable temperature. The place should not be much warm and it should have fair degree of naturalness about it.

Look for adventures offered – When selecting a resort for your weekend getaway or holiday, you should make sure that you select a resort that offers some exciting adventures in its premises. Air crossing, zip line, archery and rifle shooting are some different types of small adventure that can entertain children as well as elderly and can make people feel quite relaxed and comfortable.

Look for in-house restaurant facility – A resort is a place where people come to relax and they do not like the idea of going to another hotel or restaurant for having lunch or dinner. Therefore when searching for resorts in Mumbai for spending your holiday you should always make sure that the resort is equipped with a good restaurant and offers tasty and delicious food. The restaurant should offer food at reasonable prices and should also provide the facility of takeaway or delivery as well.

Enquire about the services – Resorts are known to provide suitable environment where you are able to enjoy quite splendidly within a suitable and natural atmosphere. Resorts are of various types and you should look for one that provides distinctive services at reasonable rates. To make sure that you enjoy in best manner you should always enquire about the services offered by the resort. The facilities of wifi, swimming pool, spa, fitness center are some common facilities and should be there in your resort. All these facilities can help you get best satisfaction and you may end up having a gala time.

Place to visit in Delhi

1. Red Fort Red

Until 1857, Red Fort was the home (house) of the emperors in the Mughal dynasty for around 160 years. Red Fort acquired his name from its significant & large enclosing wall of Red Sandstone.

2. Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar is positioned in the Mehrauli section of Delhi. It also spelled Qutub Minar was commissioned by Qutb-ud-din Aibak, the creator of the Delhi Sultanate in 1192 AD.

3. Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk is the perfect destination for shopping. It is one of the oldest and busiest market places in Old Delhi and located near Old Delhi Railway station.

4. Hauz Khas Village

Now it is comparatively expensive vacationer cum commercial area with numerous restaurant & galleries. Though the name Hauz Khas comes from ‘Hauz’ as “water tank” and ‘Khas’ as “royal”- the “Royal tank”.

5. Jama Masjid

It is one of the most significant mosques in India and positioned in the central heart of old Delhi. Jama Masjid is usually the area of gathering for Eid prayers.

6. Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple is considered to be one of the most significant Hindu Temples in the world. The Temple was built-in 2005 and sits near to the banks of River Yamuna.

7. India Gate

India Gate formerly called the All India War Memorial. It’s the 42m high, an “Arc-de-Triomphe” like archway positioned in the center of a crossroad at the centre of New Delhi.

8. Humayun’s Tomb

The tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun in Delhi, India also know known as Maqbara e Humayun. Humayun ruled in India for ten years.

9. Hazrat Nizamuddin (Nizamuddin’s Shrine)

Hazrat Nizamuddin is the dargah of the world’s well-known Sufi saints, Hazrat Khwaja Syed Nizamuddin Auliya. The Dargah is also known because of its Qawwali sessions

10. Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple is a Baha’i House of Worship. The Baha’i preach the equality of most humans and most of humankind.

Travel Destination in Abu Dhabi

The up and coming cousin of Dubai, Abu Dhabi is that glittering chip of the old block. Created from the same soil, this metropolitan too has got riches beyond your wildest dreams. Though still in its infancy, this city has a long way to go. But even in these initial stages, it is showing a lot of potential thus making us all hope for a future where a new impossible dream will be successfully accomplished. For now, just board the air tickets to Abu Dhabi from UK and witness such incredibly fascinating sights that you stop believing even the things you are watching with your very own eyes.

Luxury and development can easily be the cornerstones of this highly sophisticated city. Endorsing the latest fad in every single sector, you will find only the latest and the best of the lot on your trip here. Legendary nightlife, sky-high malls and bigger-better restaurents are an integral part of the Central Business District (CBD). Tickets to Abu Dhabi give you that exceptional insight into the present day lifestyle of the metropolis where you need to work hard because you know later on you are always going to party way harder.

There is a totally different version of this city once you come out of the young-money bubble. On the outskirts of this life-size snow-globe you will find how this town used to be during the older times and how for all those people still residing here, the time has hardly passed. Cheap flights to Abu Dhabi will take you right into the classic era when most of the sparkle was seen in the cultures and traditions. Heritage Village is one such memento of the past that demonstrated the older ways of life and how they still perfectly fit in the present times.

Among the many architectural feats of the golden era, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a well-known name. The religious and historic significance of this shrine is immense. The famous Al Jahili Fort of Al Ain city gets large number of tourists all thanks to its rustic charm. The mysterious desert might seem bland at first but the desert safari, quad bike adventure and camel rides across places like Empty Quarter desert are enough to change your entire perception during your journey. Top it all up with a lesson or two in the regal art of falconry and fancy yourself a desert prince or princess whose pet falcon just came back with mail.

Explore Western Tanzania

There are in fact a few national parks that offer a magnificent safari experiences for tourist who travel to Tanzania, especially those who are fond of the chimpanzees. These include Gombe Stream National Park and the Mahale Mountains National Park. These national parks give the guests the chance to closely view buffaloes, Zebras, lions, and much more.

The Gombe Stream National Park, situated around 10 kilometers away from Kigoma, the main city of the region, is considered the smallest natural park in the nation. However, it is quite remarkable for travelers who tour Tanzania especially for those who love monkeys.

The park hosts a large collection of various monkeys and chimpanzees including olive baboons, red colobus, red-tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, and vervet monkeys. The park is also a nice place for tourists spending their vacations in Tanzania to experience the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

On the other hand, the Mahale Mountains National Park is famous for accommodating various types of Chimpanzees. The park has the largest number of different types of these funny animals perhaps in the whole world.

The park is also among the one of the rate places around the globe where chimpanzees and lions live together and closely. This is the main reason why several tourists who travel to Tanzania would pay the park a visit to explore these wonderful moments of the animals in their natural environment.

For adventures’ lovers, they can go explore Ujiji, one of the historical commercial transit points of caravans in the country. Although it turned into a small fishing town nowadays, still vacationers who spend their holidays in Tanzania are still encouraged to visit due to the presence of some historical buildings and establishments.

One of the interesting cities of Western Tanzania is Kigoma. Famous for its views of the Congo Mountainsat a distance, Kigoma is a small lakeshore city that is considered the most important Tanzanian port on Lake Tanganyika. Some tourists who enjoy their vacations in Tanzania would be the city a visit for a number of attractions and sites. This is besides that Kigoma would be the best starting point to visit the natural parks of the region.

Among the interesting places to explore in Kigoma is surely its wonderful market that is full of various goods and communities. Another wonderful place for travelers who tour Tanzania to relax and have a quality time is the Jakobsen Beach. Located only 2 kilometers to the north of the center of the town, it mainly consists of two amazing beaches.

For those travelers spending a vacation in Tanzania who are fond of history and old architecture, there are two buildings that date back to the German period. There is the famous train station building and the Old Boma Building that is located at the end of a street that holds the same name.

Nevertheless, the most interesting place to visit for history fans that tour Tanzania is in fact the Livingstone Tembe. This historical Arabic house style is located about 6 kilometers to the North East of the town. This house was built in 1872 as a residence that is now transformed into a small yet remarkable museum would make a wonderful half-day trip.

Beautiful Destination In India

India is a vast south asian country. This country is very famous in the world for visiting. There are so many destination where the visitors get much enjoy with their family and couple. India is very largest country for visiting. It is surrounded by the several rivers, hills, mountain and sea. The nature of india is very magnificent. More numbers of temple and ancient ruins available here. There are several places to make success honeymoon like himachal pradesh, kullu manali, rohtang, shimla, uttrakhand, ladakh and jammu kashmir.if you wanna get happy moment in your life so must visit once in india for looking thrilling places.

Best tourist attraction destination in india is himachal pradesh. There are many splendid places available in himachal pradesh like Kullu, manali, shimla, chamba, dharamshala, dalhousie, kangra, hamirpur and pragpur. These are very attractive destination in india where the more number of visitors come regularly. Here you can get many big restaurant, hotels and clubs.

Attraction of jammu and kashmir is very charming. There are more number of thrilling places are available in jammu kashmir where the honeymooners looks very glad. Here you can see all arround snow falling in rohtang, ladakh and gulmarg.mostly people come here to make success honeymoon.

Uttarakhand is a state in northern india crossed by the himalayas . it’s known for its hindu pilgrimage. There are many thrilling places available in uttarakhand like Dehradun, Nainital, Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Haridwar,Badrinath, Almora, Kausani, Pithoragarh and Ranikhet. These places are the beauty of uttarakhand where the visitors can get much fun with their family and couple. Rishikesh is known for its yoga. There is nothing but nature all around in uttarakhand. Visitors do here several activities for best enjoyment.

India is great cultural country here you can see beautiful culture in rajasthan. Rajasthan is also famous for its art, forts and kings land. It is great home of amazing architecture. There are many amazing places like jaipur, udaipur, jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Pushkar, Sawai Madhopur, Chittorgarh and Mount Abu these places are the grindstone of rajasthan.

Most magnificent destination in goa like calangute beach and baga beach and many mores. They both beaches are very famous in the goa. For the visitors it is very best destination because here are many restaurant, resorts and beautiful clubs. This is only one best place where the more number of visitors come from the world.

Food Fiesta Of Delhi

Developing with the speed of light during both war and peace, Delhi is basking in its glory days in this century. It has come a long way since its initial period when it was just another big city in its humble infancy. Today when you look at this place, you see the entire country represented in one or the other from all over this glorious metropolitan. Cheap flights to Delhi will take you right into the European era, the Mughal times and the presently popular Punjabi culture that is spreading rampantly over the entire city.

People come here for many different reasons and yours can be as usual or as unusual as the rest of them. The first and foremost thing that you need to try the second you step out of your flights to Delhi is the local food. It is not just a mere concoction of several different flavours but an amazing fusion of the past, present and the future of this city and may be even the entire country. You see the natives often chose to express themselves via their culinary skills and the gastronomic palates they favour often reveal a lot about the social and economic setup of this place which you can have fun unveiling, bite after bite.

Often tagged as the unofficial food capital of the nation, one can find all sorts of cuisines here, both national and international all long its alleys, that has managed to woo the locals and the frequent visitors alike. Tickets to Delhi will give the authentic taste of the famous Mughlai cuisine which boasts of the grilled and luxuriously seasoned recipes. Then there is the contrasting street food which will be feather light on your pocket and if you have a strong digestive system, your stomach too! Jokes aside, the street food is worth a bite or more if you are looking for that tangy and spicy mix of flavours that this town is famous for worldwide.

It is not just the Indian cuisine that allures you along with your taste buds to its fragrant streets. You have all sorts of foreign cuisine deconstructed and then assimilated with the local palate to put forward such a dish that leaves the foodie within you wanting for more. Take the Hakka cuisine for example. This cooking style has garnered ton of fan following in the country because it merges the best of Chinese cuisine with the Indian cookery wisdom perfectly.

Plan a Trip to Catania

Catania, an ancient port city and a hit on the Catania trip planner list is on Sicily’s east coast sits at the foot of Mt. Etna. The city is known for its Baroque buildings. Mt. Etna is an active volcano and has trails up to its summit. Before becoming a Roman colony the city had prospered as an agricultural land. You can take a day long trip to Mount Etna which is also designated as a National Park.

The city’s symbol is an elephant as it is said that in ancient times the pigmy elephant that lived there used to chase away the enemy and protect the inhabitants. The places a tourist with trip planner will find interesting are full of historical facts and gives evidence of nature’s influence on the town.

Palazzo Biscari

The ornate windows and doors of the palace make it the city’s most flamboyant. The successors of the Prince Biscari still own and live in the palace making it more unique. But a part of the palace displays collections of extensive art forms. Some have even been donated to Museo Civico.

Monastero Dei Benedettini

This former monastery is one of the biggest in all of Europe. The continuation of the construction stretched for a long period and thus is evident through various incorporated style structures. The late Baroque features are lovely to look at. The Catania trip planner gives the information that monastery is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also the home to the department of Humanities of the University of Catania.

Castello Ursino

The sturdy building of Castello Ursino is built of lava stone in the 13th century. The Hohenstaufen period defensive fortification shows close resemblance with the castle of Frederick II in Syracuse. The castle originally stood by the port until the lava flowed past it and pushed the coastline to the East.

Badia Sant’ Agata

The Sant’ Agata convent church was built between 1735 and 1767. The huge building structure is dominated by an octagon shaped domes and has superb facade in front of it. There is also an interesting nun’s gallery which a tourist can have a look at in a Catania trip planner suggested vacation.

Porta Garibaldi

The Porta Garibaldi Monumental gate was constructed in honor of King Ferdinand IV and his spouse Maria Carolina. The striking gate has dramatic horizontal layers of white limestone and black lava.

Teatro Romano

The original Teatro Romano was built in second century BC is interesting according to Catania trip planner. The interesting fact about this historical auditorium is that the steps are entirely made of lava but the orchestra and seating rows are covered in marble.

Museo Civico

The Museo Civico is the house to the historical collections and findings from the surrounding areas. Among these, the torso of a Roman emperor and Hellenistic relief of Polyphemus being blinded by Odysseus are very famous. Other mentionable items for buying in the trip are porcelains, fragments of mosaics, inscriptions and collection of rare weapons.

Piazza Del Duomo

Catania has a number of lovely squares, but the Piazza del Duomo is the most gracious and spacious. This cathedral square is situated in the center of the city and preserves the Baroque architecture of the 18th century. There is an elephant fountain around which the baroque styled cathedrals can be seen. The charming Fontana dell’Elephante or Elephant fountain is made of black lava and is supported by a small Egyptian obelisk.

Cost for Trip to Germany

Cost for trip to Germany.


Transportation cost have no burden to your pocket due to very low transportation charges. If you love to ride bicycles these are also available for daily rental around 18 euro. At early reservation you can avail big discounts. The most popular high speed train is considered to be expensive mode of travelling in Germany. Bus transportation is another good means of transportation at very cheap rates. Private taxi o limo are costly than other transport but it is helpful for you to drop you at your desired destination.


Accommodation cost is very economical in compared to other European countries. Hostels, hotels and private rooms are well furnished along with modern facilities. Hostel, hotel and private room charges are 10- 30 euro, 40 -60 euro and 50 -70 euro per night respectively. When people use shared accommodation its cost also reduces. Some accommodation owners offer free WIFI along with free breakfast.


There are a lot of restaurants and food points in Germany. As the people are food loving. Food items in Germany are very cheap whether it is traditional, continental, Turkish, Asian, Middle Eastern or fast food. You can eat one time meal in 15 – 20 euro easily. During visiting Dresden you must try besten indishes restaurant in Dresden.

Places to visit:

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. Berlin is the largest city of Germany as well as the cheapest city of European capitals. It has great historical value. Here you can visit cafes, clubs, bars, street art, various museums, berlin wall and other places of historic interest.

Munich is one of the most expensive city of Germany. Munich is a city steeped in history with small streets, great beer halls, amazing food, beautiful parks and royal palace.

Dresden is the city which was completely destroy in the world wars. It was completely rebuild and had modern structure. Biggest night life spots are awaiting young people. This city has another beauty aspect which is it bisected by the majestic Elbe river.

Frankfurt is another develop city of Germany with big restaurants, exhibition halls, great museums and also had biggest airport of Germany.

Museums cost 1-15 euro. Bike tours and river cruises can cost 24-40 euro. Most city tours are 12-25 euro.